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FIC: Kat's Caught Your Lips + Bonus Drabbles [NC-17 :: 1/1]

Title: Kat’s Caught Your Lips
Author: dmitchell1985
Beta: None, sorry. I don’t have one. :(
Fandom: Xiaolin Showdown
Rating/Warnings: NC-17/Yuri – female/female sexual relations, a tied up Kimiko & non-violent non-con
Pairing/Characters: Katnappé/Kimiko
Summary: What would you do if you’d captured your very own Dragon of Fire?
Word Count: 700
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or Xiaolin Showdown.
Author’s Notes: This was supposed to be a pure drive-by drabble. Katnappé is rather expressive in her love, you see. Please see the Bonus Drabbles! for Wuya. Please and thank you.
Crossposted: xiaolin_yuri, xiaolinshowdown, and my InsaneJournal


Katnappé’s ears greedily devoured each of Kimiko’s desperate moans of pleasure and pleas for release. When she’d woken up that morning, she could never have guessed that her fortune would be this good! It had started out as a fairly usual day of hunting for Shen-Gong-Wu and yet another endless attempt to subdue the Xiaolin monks. All too soon, it had turned into Katnappé capturing the injured Fire Dragon in Jack Spicer’s latest fireproof netting and her ungloved fingers involuntarily wandering between the dragon’s slim thighs.

She hadn’t meant for any of it to happen, but once Katnappé’s fingers decided to roam, there was little she could do to stop herself. And so she’d found herself kneeling besides the trapped monk with her fingers wiggling through the netting and into thin shorts that did almost nothing to conceal what she sought. Her fingers hardly bothered to linger on the shorts before they ruthlessly pushed Kimiko’s panties to one side and delved inside of the moist flesh she’d been dreaming about for months.

It drove her absolutely mad to fight showdown after showdown against the monks, only to see Kimiko’s legs splayed wide in a stunning somersault that snapped Katnappé’s focus completely.

But, no more.

She would finally demonstrate for this monk what it was like to be on the receiving end of such a distraction when her reputation could be tarnished the most. She would see how well the Dragon of Fire could conjure fire and come at the same time.

Katnappé slowly stroked her fingers along Kimiko’s fiery skin until they surrounded her clit on either side. Working gently at first, she swirled her fingers around the cluster of nerves, gradually working in a taste of fingernails. She didn’t personally like fingernails anywhere near her clit, but this was never about what Kimiko wanted.

She smiled to see the monk hiss in pain and attempt to twist away from her touch. She rewarded the other girl’s evasion with a jab of her fingertips and a quick warning pinch. Kimiko gasped in surprise, bringing another smile to Katnappé’s rouge-stained lips.

Purring low in her throat, Katnappé rubbed Kimiko’s clit in earnest, determined to make this wretched girl drench her fingers with her sticky prize. After all, it was what she deserved. Katnappé’s blue eyes narrowed with each roll of Kimiko’s head and shudder in her breast. She was so close now that Katnappé felt sure that she could pluck the orgasm out of her greatest enemy with the barest of touches.

Her forehead inched closer to her prisoner’s as her fingers rubbed Kimiko ever closer to the verge of release. With each firm stroke of Katnappé fingers came new pleas that crumbled away from demands to be set free to entreaties not to stop, never to stop. To use her fingers to fuck her captive and rub her clit harder still.

Every evil part of Katnappé triumphantly preened to watch Kimiko come so easily undone by two fingers. She reveled in the gorgeous stretch of Kimiko’s neck and the drops of sweat she watched bead there. It was everything she wanted; and, she could be kind and give this pathetic monk her happy ending … or she could kill the bitch and be done with it. She’d be free of watching the peek-a-boo play of her adversary’s thighs and instead have only the lesser annoying monks to contend with.

But as she watched Kimiko writhe underneath her hand and inhaled every one of her exhalations, she knew that she wanted to watch this girl come more than anything in the world. So, she gladly obliged the dragon and carelessly fucked the monk with her fingers and rubbed her clit in circles tighter than she’d ever imagined.

That was all it took to have Kimiko spurting onto her fingers and into her palm. Katnappé absorbed Kimiko’s hazy bliss through her pores, gratefully drinking in the memories that were sure to fade as soon as this particular dragon returned to her senses. But for now, despite the ignored wetness that soaked her own underwear, Katnappé had this piece of Kimiko to herself. And it was a piece that she would never surrender.

The End

Title: Follow My Lead
Rating/Warnings: NC-17/Still yuri! and a facial
Pairing/Characters: Wuya/Katnappé
Summary: Wuya housebreaks the cat.
Word Count: 100
Author’s Notes: Bonus Drabble! the First

Wuya mercilessly pressed the cat’s face between her legs, directing the girl’s tongue where she needed it most. It had been entirely too long since she’d indulged herself; and, she figured it was about damned time for her to have a pretty girl’s face where it belonged. She moaned and pressed herself firmly against Katnappé’s moving lips as she rode Chase’s would-be apprentice.

She was so fucking close that she could feel her nerves crying out for the orgasm that crawled along her spine. She gave a twist of her hips and then her world was dripping down Katnappé’s face.

Title: Exploration
Rating/Warnings: NC-17/Still yuri with a het drive-by
Pairing/Characters: Wuya/Kimiko, Kimiko/Raimundo – one-sided
Summary: How exactly does one taste fire?
Word Count: 100
Author’s Notes: Bonus Drabble! the Second

Kimiko bit her lip as she felt the tip of a tongue trace the contours of her inner lips. She’d only vaguely imagined the things she’d wanted to do with Raimundo, but it was nothing like this. And she hadn’t ever guessed how good this could feel!

She stifled a groan and pressed her face deeper into the carpet as the tongue stroked and explored her, fearing that she’d burst if something didn’t happen soon.

That something didn’t take long to follow the flicking of that wicked tongue against her clit or the chilling, witchy laughter that echoed around them.

P.S. Was that enough yuri for you? Was it bad? Was it too dirty? Please be telling me. :(
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