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This May Have Been Mentioned Before....

Since there are a lot of yaoi couplings (such as RaixJack,ChasexJack,RaixOmi, Claymundo, et cetera), I was thinking that there should be more lesbian or straight couples mentioned. Of course, I love my yaoi as much as everyone else, but it seems that yaoi between boyxboy is more popular than anything else. The nature of my speech is definitely not one of complaint. For the sake of sharing my ideas, I am perhaps suggesting that there should be couplings such as JackxWuya, VladxKimiko, VladxKatnappe, TubbimuraxKatnappe, RaixWuya, RaixKatnappe (for straight couplings) and KimikoxWuya, KimikoxJesseBailey, WuyaxKatnappe, Dyrius (from the one mermaid episode)xKimiko, and WuyaxJesseBailey (for lesbian couples). I am merely offering ideas for anyone who is bored and would like to write a different type of fanfiction. Then again, I am thinking that there could be a fanfiction (if anyone wishes to partake on the idea) that they could all be just friends. I would write a fanfiction piece myself, but I know by my writing styles and own thoughts that the characters in Xiaolin Showdown would not be portrayed correctly in my stories. Honestly, I find people who can actually write a good fanfiction simply amazing because they can actually allow the characters to be portrayed in a sense to which we all can relate.
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