Vext (vexing_hexes) wrote in xiaolinshowdown,

Fanart commission request; generously compensated.

Hello XS peeps.

Being artistically challenged myself, I'm in need of an artist. Here's the deal: $100 haggle-free payment (via paypal or possibly a personal check) in three installments ($25 down, $25 upon completion of pencil, $50 upon completion of color). The subject matter: ChasexWuya; Xiaolin Showdown's most disdained pairing. The purpose: I've started a detailed fanfiction project....and the finished piece will be used as an advertising mechanism/eye candy while the fic is still a WIP. You will be credited. Don't worry about that.

I'm willing to give the artist open artistic license for everything, provided that the artwork stays true to the general concept (which I'll discuss with you before you agree to anything).

The catch? Nothing, really. Fanart-ists are some of the more talented people on the web, and I'm looking for something high-quality.

If you're interested, and have a portfolio of some kind (deviantart, a website....whatever. You know what I mean), get in touch with me via your preferred method of communicazione. And FYI; I'm considering taking up to 2 people for the task, just to have some variety. Payment details will remain the same, regardless of how many artists I commission. So if you're interested, then let me know.

email -
aim - VexingHexes
Or there's always LJ, but all three preceding methods are better bets.

Happy tuesday.
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