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Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me

Title: "Anywhere"
Authors:supaserajupiter and roxie_07
Pairing: Omi and Raimundo
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of this is true! All Lies!!! We ownz nothing!!! They're souls belong to Christy Hui and Kids WB!
Feedback: Would be nice ^^;
Summary: Omi and Raimundo have always had a love/hate relationship. But, with the appearance of a new shen gong wu, they will finally be able to tell their true feelings.
Note: Written just for kicks!

Once again the Xiaolin monks had found themselves in a forest looking for the latest shen gong wu. This particular shen gong wu was called the Venus Chain; a long gold strand of interlocking links in the shape of hearts. At the moment the monks weren’t sure what the Venus Chain was capable of, because Kimiko had left the scroll back at the temple.

Kimiko gave an exasperated sigh. “Searching for a gold chain in the middle of a forest shouldn’t be too difficult!”

“Have you lost your checkers?!” Omi exclaimed. “This is a most difficult task.”

Raimundo just rolled his eyes at that comment. He found it strange, yet cute that Omi still has yet to understand sarcasm.

Kimiko gave another sigh. “I was being sarcastic, Omi.”

“Yeah, Omi.” Clay added.

Omi just stared at them in confusion. Raimundo realizing that his short, bald friend was still confused slowed down his pace, so that he could be next Omi. He then patted Omi on the head and gave him his trademark smirk. “You know, maybe I’ll teach you the concept of sarcasm after we bag this wu.”

Omi brushed off Raimundo’s hand and scoffed, “You teach me?! That will be the month!”

Raimundo, Clay, and Kimiko exchanged confused expression and then Kimiko translated Omi’s misquote. “I think you mean: that will be the day.”

“That too!”

After a few more minutes of aimless walking, the monks spot the Venus Chain wrapped around a branch of a tree. They were about to grab the wu, when the heard the all too familiar sound of propellers.

“Well, if it isn’t the Xiaolin losers!” exclaimed Jack Spicer as he landed next to the Venus Chain.

The monks all groaned in unison. Defeating Jack had become a tiresome chore for the young monks. Raimundo crossed his arms and said in a dull tone, “Great. Jack’s here. Can we get this over with already?!”

“Hey!” whimpered the albino teen, “That was a little hurtful. I have feelings too...”

“Who cares?!” groaned Raimundo.

“Seriously.” Kimiko chimed in.

“Enough of this idle chat chit! Prepare yourself for a most humiliating defeat!” exclaimed Omi.

Jack rolled his eyes at that comment. “Like I’m not getting tired of hearing that. Anyways, Jackbots - attack!!!”

A swarm of Jackbots came from the sky and rushed towards the monks. And as usual, they were easily defeated by the monks special attacks:

“Judolette Flip - Fire!”

“Seismic Kick - Earth!”

“Typhoon Boom - Wind!”

“Tsunami Strike - Water!”

Seeing his robots turned to rubble on the ground, Jack quickly grabbed the Venus Chain, activated his heli-bot and flew off.

“He’s getting away with the shen gong wu!” exclaimed Omi.

“Not if I have anything to do with it.” said Raimundo as he pulled out the Sword of the Storm. “Sword of the Storm!” And with that, the sword created a tornado that sent Jack crashing into a tree and dropping the wu. Raimundo caught the Venus Chain and started dancing. “Who’s the man!? Oh yeah! That would be me!”

Jack picked himself up from off the ground and cried, “That’s not fair!!” Knowing that he was outnumbered, he ran away in defeat.

Kimiko gave Raimundo a high five. “Nice job, Rai!”

Omi, being vertically challenged, simply patted Raimundo’s butt since he couldn’t reach his back. “Yes, I could not have done better myself. Well, maybe a little better.”

Raimundo’s face turned bright red as Omi continued to pat his butt. He would’ve told him to stop, but he liked being touched by Omi. Omi noticed the sudden change in color of Raimundo’s cheeks and stared at him in confusion. Raimundo finally noticed that Omi was staring at him, so he quickly moved away from Omi. The short monk, confused with Raimundo suddenly leaping away from him, thought he had done something wrong and gave Rai a puzzled look. It was then Raimundo became interested with ground.

“Well, we could stand here and stare at each other or we could go home!” shouted Kimiko who was growing tired of Raimundo and Omi’s staring contest.

“Umm...yeah. Let’s go home!” said Raimundo nervously.


When they finally returned to the temple, the monks went to the Venus Chain in the temple vault. Kimiko and Clay led the way, while Raimundo and Omi were a few paces behind them. He felt a little guilty for the way he treated Omi. “Yo, Omi..” the Brazilian monk started, “Umm..I just want to apologize for what happened in the forest.”

Omi blinked in confusion and then grinned. “No need to apologize. We all can’t have my angry martial arts skills, but you did an adequate job. You did retrieve the shen gong wu after all.”

It was times like this that he was glad Omi was so naive. “So, what does the Venus Chain do anyways?” asked Omi.

“I don’t know. Let’s ask Dojo!”

When they reached the vault, they saw Dojo snoozing by the chimes. He stayed behind on this expedition to get some well deserved rest. Omi stepped behind the sleeping Dojo and shouted, “DOJO!!!!”

Dojo jumped several feet in the air and then landed on his head. “Oh. It’s just you guys.” panted Dojo.

Kimiko smacked Omi for waking Dojo up so roughly. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.” Dojo said, finally catching his breath.

“We just wanted to know what was so special about the Venus Chain.” said Omi, while he rubbed his head.

“Oh! Well, the Venus Chain is like no other wu.” started Dojo. That’s all Dojo said for the next five minutes.


“When you want to find out someone’s deepest, darkest secret, all you have to do is use the Venus Chain on them. It’s a painful way to get out a secret, if ya ask me..”

“Oh. Then it will not work on me, because I am always truthful and I keep no secrets!”

Raimundo grinned evilly. “We’ll see about that. Venus Chain!!!” Raimundo whacked Omi with the Venus Chain and dropped his jaw when he heard Omi’s secret revealed.

“I take pictures of Rai while he’s taking a bath!! Meep!”

Everyone stared at Omi in disgust.


“What?!?” Raimundo shouted.

“Err..nothing! Clearly, the Venus Chain is broken...it tells lies! LIES!!!” And with that, Omi ran away, leaving everyone staring blankly at each other.


“Yo Omi! Wait up!”

Omi finds himself a spot to hide; a flowerpot. Raimundo finally caught up with Omi and spotted him inside the flowerpot, “Omi, you don’t have to hide from me”.

While Omi was still inside the flowerpot, he softly said, “That was most shameful of me”

“It’s alright”, as Raimundo gets closer to the flowerpot, “I did the same thing to you while you’re in the shower.”

In shock, Omi slowly pokes his head out of the flowerpot, “You did?!?!?”

“Yeah!” Raimundo said while grinning.

“Umm...this is most awkward”, Omi blushes.

“Yeah”, Raimundo blushes, “Sorry that I had to use the Venus Chain on ya”

“It’s alright, but perhaps maybe I should hold on it”.

“Perhaps”, said Raimundo as he holds out the Venus Chain towards Omi, “Hey! Do you think that maybe we should use it on Dojo?”.

“Err...yes!!! That is exactly what I was thinking”, whispers, “I was plotting to use it against you”, “And then we can use it on Kimiko and Clay! Let’s go!” as Omi steps out of the flowerpot.

“Awesome...wait what?”

“Oh! Nothing!”, as Omi snatches the Venus Chain from Raimundo’s hand and runs back towards the table where everyone, except for Master Fung, was eating their lunch.


“Hey guys”, Raimundo said as walked in towards the table where everyone was eating.

“Howdy”, Clay said with his mouth fulled with food and Kimiko just grunted while eating. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t like it when people come up to her and talk while she’s eating her food.

“Umm...hey!”, as Dojo looks up from his plate with an awkward stare on his face and all of a sudden Omi gives Rai a mischievous smirk.

“Ready Omi?” Raimundo asked.

“Yes!”, Omi whips out the Venus Chain, “Venus Chain!”, then the Venus chain whacks itself around Dojo.


After hearing that, Omi found himself on the floor laughing loudly.

“Eww, TMI”, Kimiko said with a grossed out face.

“Dude ,that’s just gross”, said Raimundo

“Wow!”, said Clay with an awkward stare on his face.

“Let’s see what you’re hiding, Clay! VENUS CHAIN!!”, and that’s when the chain whacks itself around Clay.

“I’M IN LOVE WITH KIMIKO!!!”, yelled Clay.

“I knew it!”, said Raimundo with laughter.

Kimiko spits out her drink, “WHAT?!?!?!”

“Umm...”, as Clay blushes under intense that he mentioned that he was actually in love with Kimiko.

“So, that explains why he always stalked her...”, said Omi.

“He does what?”, as Kimiko gives Clay an evil look.

“I’m sorry Kimiko”, as Clay was trying to explain why he’s was madly in love with Kimiko and why he had been stalking her, “It was meant for me to tell you about this but I was too scared.”

“Umm..It’s alright Clay. I mean I always hoped that...I mean...umm..”, as Kimiko stutters.

“Always hoped what?”, Clay asked.

Kimiko turns red, “Well...you know...”

“I’ll help you! VENUS CHAIN!”, said Omi.

The Venus chain was whacked itself around Kimiko and then she yelled , “I’M IN LOVE WITH CLAY!”, Kimiko gasped.

“WEE DOOOOOGGGYYY”, as Clay leaps for joy after he found out that Kimiko was in love with him too.

“What?”, Raimundo was in shocked after her found out that Kimiko was madly in love with Clay, “I thought that she was in love with Jack Spicer?”.

“Why would I fall in love with someone who wears more make up than me?”, Kimiko said to Raimundo in an angrily way.

“I dunno”, shrugged Raimundo. All of a sudden Kimiko smacks Raimundo in the face, “Humph!”, and then she walks towards Clay.

“OWWW!”, yelled Raimundo as he began to rubbed his face, “That hurts”.

“You really did deserved that Rai”, said Clay laughing.

“She does have a point”, said Omi.

“Come on Clay”, as Kimiko reaches out for Clay’s hand, “Let’s go somewhere a little more intimate”

“ Okay!”, said Clay with excitement and then they walked away towards the garden.


After Kimiko and Clay left the table, Dojo decided to leave too. “Well, I guess that I should be going now”.

“So that you can go ‘lick’ Master Fung’s feet?”, Omi asked.

“Oh, no!”, said Dojo.

“Right”, said Raimundo while he was smirking.

“Umm...I have to umm...go see if Master Fung needs anything, like a bubble bath or something”.

Omi was terribly shocked to hear that Dojo actually wanted to go give Master Fung a bubble bath, “DUDE!!”, said Raimundo also in shocked and grossed out face.

“Umm...GOTTA GO!”, Dojo slithered away towards the temple.

“That was most disturbing”, said Omi while he was shaking his head.

“Yeah”, said Rai, “So what do you want to do now?”then he whispered while crossin ghis fingers, “Please say ‘Let’s go make out.”

“We could go master our martial arts skills by the lake”, then Omi strikes a random kung fu pose.

“Oh!”, said the very very disappointed Raimundo, “ Yeah, I guess that we can go do that.” sighs.

All of a sudden, Omi grabs Raimundo’s hand, “Let’s go!”. Raimundo blushes as he held Omi’s hand.

“Okay!”, Raimundo smiled.


While walking towards the lake, Raimundo and Omi spotted Clay and Kimiko making out.

“GO GET A ROOM!”, yelled Raimundo.

“Shut it , Rai!”, said Kimiko.

“Yeah!”, Clay yelled.

Then, Kimiko saw Omi and Rai holding hands and then she raised her eyebrow, “ Afraid of walking alone?”, she asked.

Raimundo looks down and realized that he was still holding Omi’s hand. He was trying to think of something to say but he had nothing. “Umm..no! I just umm...I-I-I-I...Omi?”.

Omi looks up at Raimundo, and he also was trying to think of something to say, “ Umm...scaring off unseen enemies”, said Omi, and yes that was the best thing that he could come up with.

Kimiko gave Omi a weird look, “That doesn’t make any sense”.

Once again, Raimundo was trying to figure out what to say to Kimiko and Clay, “He didn’t mean that. He meant that we...”

“You’re gay or something, right?”, asked Clay, interrupting Raimundo’s pathetic excuse.

“Oh, no! Us gay? Please!”, said Raimundo laughing, “We’re just good friends”.

“Yeah!!!”, Omi nods.

“Oh okay”, as Clay gives Rai and Omi a strange look.

Kimiko snickers, “I think the so called ‘rivals’ are becoming really closed friends”, Kimiko winks at Clay.

“ Hey!”, as Raimundo places his hands on his waist.

“I think you’re right about that Kimiko”, as Clay laughs.

“ You mean that we’re not very good friends?”, said Omi as he was disappointed to find out that he nor Raimundo were very good friends.

“We are to good friends, thank you very much!”, yelled Raimundo, “We just have problems with each other every now and then, that’s all”.

“Like a married couple?”, joked Clay.

“HEY!”, yelled Raimundo, “That was not a nice thing to say, Clay!”.

Both Kimiko and Clay giggled at Raimundo because he was getting upset about their comments, “We’ll leave you two do whatever it is you were going to do”, she laughed.

“Yeah, go on now so that we can finish on what we were doing”, said Clay.

“FINE!”, yelled Raimundo, “Let’s go Omi”.

“Okie Dokie”, said Omi while he was holding onto Rai’s hands and then he started to sing a random song.

“No singing”, said Raimundo.

“You don’t like my singing?”, said Omi who was about to cry.

“No”, sighed Raimundo, “I just don’t like the song that you was singing”, he had to think of something nice to say even though Omi does have a bad voice.

“ Oh alright”, said Omi, “I’ll let you off the cord this time”.

Raimundo let out a sigh of relief and thought to himself, “That was a close one”.


The two monks finally reached the lake and they both took a minute to enjoy the scenery.

“Umm..I forgot the main purpose of us journeying here...OH WELL”, said Omi.

Rai looks down towards Omi, “Yeah me too”, he laughed, “Umm...do you...oh nevermind”.

“What?”, asked Omi, “What is it?”

Rai was trying to think of something other than asking Omi if it’s okay for them to kiss, “Oh! It was nothing, really”, as he scratched his head.

Omi raises his eyebrow and asked, “Really?”

“Yeah”, said Raimundo.

“Okay”, then Omi uses the Venus chain on Raimundo, “VENUS CHAIN!”.

The Venus chain wraps itself around Raimundo so that he can tell what he was really thinking about doing, “LET’S MAKE OUT!”, yelled Raimundo and then he gasped from embarrassment. “Umm...”.

“Raimundo!”, yelled Omi.

“What?”. asked Raimundo, “I can’t help it ‘kay”.

Omi smiles, “You find me...how do you say...cold?”

Raimundo looks at Omi, “Omi, you mean cool, right?”

“Or was it warm?!?”, asked Omi.

“No...I think you meant cool”, Raimundo laughs.

“ Oh that too!”, said Omi, “So, you DO think that I am cool?”

“Yeah”, Rai smiled, “ That’s why I like you”.

Omi looks up at Rai and he was very shocked Rai saying that he liked him, “ You like me?”, points at self, “ As in like like ?”

Rai nods, “Yes, as in like like”.

Omi was glad that Rai said that he likes him and leaped for joy, “Good. Now I feel better about you taking pictures of me in the shower”, he said.

“Yeah about that”, said Rai, “I...umm..I posted them on the internet...sorry”.

“WHAT?!?!”, Omi was in shocked to find out about this.

“Yeah”, Rai blushed, “ But, I wanted to delete them but it was too late. They were already posted online”. I’m really sorry Omi”, Rai apologized.

“Now my nudity is all over the interweb”, Omi wept.

“You mean internet...and I’m really sorry Omi!”, as Raimundo hugs him, “Really I am”.

“Oh, you’re going to be”, said Omi with an evil laugh, “TICKLE ATTACK!!”, Omi pounces on top of Raimundo and tickles him, “OMI NOOOOOO!!”, laughed Raimundo.

Omi begins to tickle on Rai’s stomach, “Omi...stop...please...”. Rai laughed.

“Want more?”, Omi asked, “Alright”, he started to tickle under Rai’s arms.

“OMI!!!”, laughed Raimundo, “NOOOOOO!!!!”, then Raimundo breaks himself free from Omi, “Oh, now you’re going to get it”, Rai pounces on top of Omi and started to tickle him.

“AH! No!! The desk has turned”, Omi laughed.

“ You mean table”, said Raimundo, “Now you know how it feels”, Omi continues to laugh.

Rai continues to tickle Omi, “Please!!! I surrender!!!”. cried Omi while he was laughing,

“Are you sure that you want me to stop?”, asked Rai.

“YES! I’m going to die from laughter”, screamed Omi.

“Are you really really sure?”, asked Rai.

Omi squeaks, “YES!!!!”

Raimundo laughs, “Alright, I’ll stop”, Raimundo stops tickling Omi then Omi wheezes and tries to catch some air so that he can breathe.

“That was fun”, laughed Rai.

“Indeed it was”, said Omi as he lay his head on Rai’s shoulder.

“So what now?”, asked Raimundo as he lay his head on top of Omi’s head.

“I wouldn’t mind just sitting here with you”, said Omi.

Raimundo sighed and decided to kiss Omi’s nice and shiny head, “Nah, I wouldn’t mind either.”


Not far away, Kimiko and Clay are watching this scene....and Kimiko kinda has a camera.

“You’re right, Clay!”, said Kimiko, “They’re definitely gay”.

“I knew that there was something wrong earlier”, said Clay, “It just didn’t look right to me”.

“I can’t wait until we post this on the internet”, snickered Kimiko.

“Shouldn’t we go tell Master Fung about this?”, asked Clay.

“Nah! What Master Fung doesn’t know, won’t hurt us”.

“Oh okay”, said Clay, “Let’s go set up the camera”.

Kimiko laughs out loud, “I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I POST THIS ON THE INTERNET!!”.

“Me neither”, laughed Clay.


Later on in the Temple...

“Ahhh..that smells good” as Dojo smells Master Fung’s feet, while they’re having their daily bubble bath together. Dojo then proceeded to lick Master Fung’s feet.

“Ahh..That feels good”, sighed Master Fung.

The End.
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