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Cross posted of at XSrarepairs

Title: The Past's Secrets. Part One: The Mask's Origin
Author: chaotic_chocobo
Characters: DashixWuya, Dojo.
Warnings: None really. Talks of Dark, Heylin, magic.
Summary: Ever wonder about how Wuya got her mask?
Notes: This is also posted over at also. Leave a review here or there, or maybe even both? ^_^;; Also, some minor details might not be excatly like the show.

A/n: I'm not sure they ever explained the story behind Wuya's mask. So I figured, what the heck, I'm going to do a oneshot about it. If they did, or do, explain it's history, just pretend this is an AU then, or something.

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown.


She was surprised that in all the time she spent with Jack, he never once asked about her mask. But then, he never was one for personal questions, always tinkering with his worthless bots instead. Though, if he ever had asked, she probably wouldn't of told him anyways. It wasn't any of his business, or anyone else's for that matter.

The only people who needed to know about the mask were there when she received it.

It started when she was just beginning to study Heylin magic in her early teens. One of the documents she started to read said that it was smart to use a mask when beginning magic, to disguise oneself from those who, both normal and mystical, might try halt their progress when they were still learning the basics.

For the next few weeks, Wuya, barely twelve, searched the markets in her home village for masks she liked. Her friends, who knew nothing of her secret hobbies at the time, thought it was a faze. But as her search slowly progressed in to an obsession, they begun to distance themselves from her.

She didn't notice, much less care. Becoming a Heylin witch was her top priority, nothing else mattered.

How ever, one friend in particular, didn't leave her. Instead, he began helping her, thinking she just wanted a mask for some unknown reason that was surly harmless. He was a loyal friend, with a slight crush on the red haired green eyed beauty, and would do almost anything to see her smile.

His name was Dashi. And he went to great lengths to find a mask that would suit his friend.

His companion, a dragon by the name of Dojo that came from who knows where, told him of a mask he once saw in a small village fifty miles away from their small farming village.

Telling Wuya that he was going to the town to get supplies for his ill mother, which, was half true. His mother was becoming quite ill. But he could have gotten the supplies in a closer town that was only two to three miles away. He left for the town, and found the mask Dojo told him about.

It was white porcelain, with a yellow eyes with red circles as pupils. Around the eyes were black circles, outcasting the red nose painted on it. A portion of the forehead was red as were the lips, curved up in an almost devious smile.

It suited her perfectly, while his friend was good, (at least, that was what he believed) Wuya had a certain deviousness to her that often lead the two in to trouble.

He got it, despite its rather hefty price, along with the medicine needed for his mother and went home, hiding the mask in a box. Then, on the night of Wuya's Fourteenth birthday, The day she was considered a woman by many back then, he presented to her underneath a tree outside the village that they often met under.

She was surprised when he pulled it out of his bag and presented it to her. She traced it's features with her delicate finger nail before finally grinning at her friend.

"Thank you Dashi!" she said, giving him a small kiss on the lips before taking the mask and tying the black strings behind her head.

As the man watched her dance around the tree, wearing her new mask, he couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. That the friend he loved would soon be gone, replaced by something dark and evil. But he shook those thoughts, and focused on the here and now.
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