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bring it back!

hey every xiaolin showdown fan out there. something i know is that cartoon network still airs the show, but nothing new it being made. Is kids WB responsible of bringing the show? Are they the ones who make it?

please answer this for me, because i am seriously going to mail a letter asking for them to comtinue and that the show is GREAT. IS anyone else interesting in helping me do this? if others, like a LOT of others send letter they may comply with our request...or anyway I believe this is the only thing left that we can do to try and bring some season 4 xiaolin showdown. :)
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Good luck with that, buddy.
It's been far too long to renew it unfortunately... they'd need amazing sales numbers to bring it back.
I know why the real reason Xiaolin Showdown is cancelled. I know much about animation and it's business because I'm and Junior animation director in training. So I'll go ahead and tell you guys why it's gone.

The reason is mainly because the main dillema between Raimundo and Omi is gone. If you were following the show the actual dillema in the story, Omi was constantly telling Raimundo that he would never be as good as him throught the show thats why he was evil in the 1st season finalaly. That dillema is solved when Raimundo is made the leader (Shoku Warrior) and the dillema ended with Omi bowing his head and accepting his position.

Many people don't know this, but Raimundo is actually the main character of the story. The story is just told thourogh Omi's eyes.

Ans as for Xiaolin Showdown coming back business-wise. It's possible that it'll come back (A la Kim Possible & Family Guy), but there's little hope that it would. If Cartoon Network wanted to make new episodes, there's many steps to be done. First, they must talk to Christy Hu and the crew to see if could get the okay. Then Warner Bros. Animation Studios. Not to mention the WB network and even the head honco Warner Bros. themselves. And it takes alot of time and money to the wor. They must pay for equipment for both animation and sound and hire voice actors and animation artists. And many of them have other carrers, lives and works in other cartoons, so it many not be possible for them to hire the normal voice actor or animators like before. And in animation it takes 4 hours to record each character for an 30-minute show (just imagine doing that for 13 episodes) and many, many days for animation to be complete.
And where exactly did you get this startling information from?
I know this, being a animation director you just realized the whole story and what the dillema is all about. And it's not really all that hard, you just got to look at all what Omi has been saying to Raimundo.
Thanks. That explains quite a lot.

And some another thought...

Cartoon Network seems to be airing Xiaolin Showdown alot,it should've been done with at the moment but it keeps airing alot,if the show stays around by winter (or longer). Warner Bros. may think of making a 4th season. But be warned: it's really Warner bros. & Christy Hui's descision. And it may take a few years for the show to air.

Now, explain to us WHY we send fanletters and various other fan-cries for attention so they can hear us shout:


I tried asking my executive producer animation friend, Tom Tataranowicz about it, but he has yet to reply.

P.S.: If you talk with Tom frequently, would you PLEASE tell him to get his head out of his ass and check his e-mail more often? The scary machine WON'T bite him, no matter what noises it makes.
This is interesting insight on why it ended, but I could have sworn it was because it hit the 52 episode mark. At least that's what Eric Radomski (the producer of XS) has said in an interview. Granted, this interview had been made almost a year ago so maybe some new developments about it have been found?

Also it has been debated in XS fandom of whether the ending of the third season was really a proper ending at all, final or no. But that's more of a subjective thing. So moving on to the article. :D

"I was wrapping up XS," he recalls, "wondering if we'd be asked to do more episodes when the studio got word from above, Time Warner that is. The entire company was asked to make major budget cuts and all of us here at WB Animation were affected. A couple new shows were cancelled and being that XS had fulfilled the magic number of 52 episodes no more were needed...

Then there's this statement (which I've bolded) that makes me wonder about the Raimundo= The Main Character (of which I can see to a certain extent, but for me the first season was mostly all about Omi).
Speaking of being supportive, as fans know, it wasn't XS little logo Omi becoming "the Chosen One" at the end of the series, but his fellow warrior Raimoundo[sic]. If Radomski, and you fans, want to do something about this, there is a plan.

"As far as Kids WB is concerned, no new episodes have been made, no new episodes have been ordered," says Radomski. "The existing series was picked up by Cartoon Network and has blossomed into a solid performer for them. It's certainly possible for new episodes to be made. If the season one DVD sells well an original long form video is always a possibility. Hopefully our fans will plunk down some dollars to help the cause."

It has been a year though and I have no clue how the sales of the DVD are going. To get the next two seasons, we might have to start writing letters!
Well, yeah, what you said about the 52 episodes is true. Warner Bros. Animation had brought 52 episodes for Xiaolin Showdown (from the head honco Warner Bros.) and decided not to buy anymore due to budget cuts. So Eric Radomski and Christy Hu had decided to end by turning Raimundo into Shoku Warrior and surpassing the group, so the dillema between him and Omi is solved.

As for DVD sales, I'm afraid that I can't say much about that. The sales have to have to enough to make new episodes. Xiaolin Showdown DVD sales however; weren't that great, mainly because not much have been ordered by many fans. Most of the episodes could be seen on Cartoon Network and WB and they are no special features on the DVD.
i love xs.i love it more than anything.i tallied all my friends'opinions if it should be back on air ornot.10 said yes,3 said sorta,2 said no.without it,i'd be nothing.
A lot of this is what I believe. I had a feeling that Raimundo was the main character and it makes much more sense.

It would still have been good if new episodes were made. I think all the fans wanted a fourth season because none of the main antagonists had met a final defeat yet (Eg was Chase Young mean to turn good? will Wuya be destroyed once and for all? Hannibal Bean etc).

It also would have been interesting to see Raimundo as leader for a new season so that the fans may for the end episodes witness his status as a worthy Xiaolin Dragon. The first sign was when Dashi congratulated him for defeating Wuya.

We may still have hope of Seasons 2 and 3 coming out on DVD. I would say it will happen eventually but not with the economy the way it is. There are many more cartoons that had to wait years before the rest of the series was released so I won't worry too much about Xiaolin Showdown.

I still write my own fanfictions for XS and although I cannot see new episodes being made I will always remember the show and look back at it with fondness. Time After Time (2) may have been the end of the series but its still worth discussing and appreciating.


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Um, all of you are wrong, sorry. Cartoon Network doesn't want to buy more episodes since WB is out. It can be brought back if people demand it.
I DEMAND IT BACK!!!!! I WANT XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN BACK SO BAD !!!!! The characters are FREAKEN AWESOME!!!! I MISS JACK!!!! :( :( :( I've heard there's some sort of petition going on or something, OMG I HOPE THEY BRING XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN BACK. Like srsly it pooped all over the other cartoons i've ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE!!!
i hope you contact christy hui.i love the show xioalin showdown i even hope they make 4 more seaons of xiaolin showdown. XIOALIN SHOWDOWN ROCKS


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I don't think this show will be brought back because it's been so long...Unless a fan of it becomes like really rich and buys it out, ha ha. hey it could happen....maybe...

I'm not sure I would want another season though, the last season was really...strange, except for the last part if I remember correctly. I kind of felt like they might have been running out of ideas except for the finale or something.

I don't think the show was finished though; it could have been, and just have an open-ending, but I think there was more to tell...For example even though one character's development is more-or-less basically complete, (Raimundo) the others are not...If I remember correctly Kimiko was still struggling with her insecurities, etc. And I think that it was meant that Jack would turn to good, I just thought the series was alluding to that, but it never happened. In one episode they reveal that Jack is only evil because he fears that he is worthless, or something like that, but they never did anything about it lol.

Also I heard it was cancelled because not enough people bought the season 1 DVD but when I was younger and watching the show I though it was something else lol
That guy makes a lot of sense and I hope they do make more episodes sometime in the future. It seems as the sorty line is just beginning.


March 4 2012, 13:15:33 UTC 5 years ago

Well it's defintly been far to long now....but i there any possibily to releas season 2 and 3 on dvd?
Unfortunately no, there is no way. You can buy the first season only.