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Just a question:

Was it ever said where Guan's Temple was? Was there ever any information at all about it, apart from Guan living there?

I'm not able to re-download the relevant episodes at the moment, but if anyone else has them or remembers?
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Can't remember... I have the episodes on my hard drive at home but, sadly, I am at work at the moment. I will check this evening (assuming no one else has posted something).
Hmm... From what I could tell, it doesn't look like an actual place name is mentioned. Fung's temple is in a valley surrounded by mountains, while Guan's temple appears to be top of a large, high ridge overlooking the ocean. (Dojo mentions something about a great view). The inside is a lot less humble and a lot more extravagant, too, there are statues of Guan everywhere. But, I don't think the temple itself ever comes up in conversation beyond Dojo's remarks about its positioning when they initially arrive there.

Hope that's helpful...
Large, high ridge... *checks sources* *cheers* If all that's right, I'm canon compliant on this! Thank you! *hugs*
Ah, actually, I rewatched Dream Stalker, which has a shot of G's temple from the side. It's less a ridge and more a ... tall rock formation out in the ocean; and a man-made bridge connects the rock formation to (what I'm assuming is) the mainland.




It would probably have been better for me to just take some caps of it to begin with. -____-
Hm... Tricky, but still workable, I think. Maybe there was migration around a similar area. *snags pics for reference later*