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Fic rec - Vanity by Exileian

Vanity by Exileian

He didn't regret accepting the red demon's offer. Not once.


Review: I like that this fic is an entirely different take on Chase’s motivations for becoming what he is. Lust for power is a cliché of cartoon villains, but the desire for youth and vitality … it’s not something you such very often in male characters. The fic treats it seriously, not as some vague side-reason for his decision when he’s first confronted with Hannibal Roy Bean – you get a sense that Chase really is conflicted and caught between power and muted narcissism. It's not so heavy that it feels like wading through molasses to read it; the narrative trips along at a fine old pace, and at the end there’s actual closure between canon and the situation set up by the fic. Maybe it doesn’t completely match everything in canon (e.g. the location where Chase first drinks the soup has changed), but it’s nothing too earth-shattering. Genfic, one shot.

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