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Wuya love? Hrmm.

I am wondering about why some people dislike Wuya and why this is so. I have that posted here if anyone wants a read.
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Back in the beginning of XS, she was a decent, original character. Aside from Casper, how many shows has a ghost as one of the main characters/leading villain? She remained decent even when she beacme human the first time. The episodes leading up to her transformation was actually well done. Not Avatar: The Last Airbender quality but pretty good for a WB cartoon. However, after she got murdered, again, her personality died with her. ESPECIALLY after that serious, drama goth Chase Young got in to the act.

Now she's an annoying, powerless, whiny half-wit who does nothing but winge about how she misses being dead. Despite the fact that while she WAS dead, she was trapped in a box for a thousand years and after being freed by Jack, spent her new found freedom regaining the very same humanity. Why? Because she had forgotten about the annoying bodily functions... Was I the only one with a "WTF?!" expression when I originally heard her whine about this? Who could forget that you shit and piss when you're ALIVE? Honestly, I would say she was dumb as a brick but that would be insulting the bricks.

In short, the change in the story/characters was/is way too illogical and it ruined her character completely. Even her voice is more whingy now. I think everyone can admit that it would've made way more sense if Wuya lusted for the return of her lost powers/the death of Chase Young, rather than lust for her own death but I guess that was too serious of a role for a female character/kiddy show and/or it wouldn't have been as "funny." Also, if she wants to be a ghost that badly, why doesn't she just off herself? She apparently has NOTHING to lose now... Her lack of intelligence is painful.

And before anyone says this, (cause I know you will,) I know it's just a cartoon but I thought typing, "She sucks and she's stupid." wasn't very explanitory.
She was never "dead", she was just without a body... Not quite the same thing.
Frankly, I'm trying to figure out what Chase gave her her body back. He seemed to spend a lot of time keeping her from regaining power after he does that--surely not giving her her body back would have accomplished that much better.
BTW, I think Jack's personality took a nose dive, too, especially in season three when Hannibal was introduced... so maybe Wuya's loss of personality was part of the general downgrading of the older villains in favor of that DAMN BEAN. d-:
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Oh for the love of... I don't know if you've noticed but that whole, "she doesn't have a body" thing was just a censored way of saying she's dead. As we all know, no one can ever kill or be killed in a kids show. Even though it was obvious that she was in fact, killed by that "holier than thou" Master... I forget his name.

Fact is, Wuya was a ghost/spirit killed and trapped by said master. In order to be a spirit, one must be dead. There is no other way. :P The whole quest to get her "body back" was the kiddy way of saying, "I want to LIVE again."

As for Chase putting so much effort in to her... I think he's either in love or he's lonely as hell. Either one of those would work. What I would like to know is what the FUCK is with his obsession with Omi?! (Sp?) One would think Chase is either gay or bi with the ammount of time he puts in to the worst Xiaolin Dragon.

When it comes to Jack, you have a point but I don't know. Jack seems to be the only one unchanged which is sad because he's like what? 1 - 2 years older than he was when the series began? He should've grown up a bit but of course, this mean he wouldn't be as funny. Heaven forbid if this series grew up just a TAD. ¬_¬
People probably call Wuya an "ugly, old hag" in fanfics because that's the way she's portrayed in the show. In her ghostly form everyone calls her ugly and an old hag. XD Remember Megan said, "When are you going to learn a new trick?" and Jack said, "Yeah, like being less ugly."

Even when she was in her human form, Dashi still thought she was ugly. After hearing her called "ugly, witch hag" throughout the whole show, of course that's how people are going to portray her in fanfics. That's what the show wanted us to think of her. :D That's my two cents!